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Human Platelet Lysate (hPL)

154,00 €

Human Platelet Lysate, w/o: Heparin, pooled, sterile filtered 50 ml

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Human Platelet Lysate, w/o: Heparin, pooled, sterile filtered  50 ml

hPL is produced from human donor platelet concentrates, which is activated and steril filtrated under the highst quality standards. The raw material is exclusively sourced from certified EU suppliers. hPL is a xeno-free serum replacement, containing a wide range of bioactive molecules and growth factors, especially suitable for the proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial cells, osteocytes, myocytes and various human immortalized cell lines. 

    • Xeno-free (low risk, no ethical concerns)
      Minimized the risks of microbial contamination, transmission of pathogens and immunological reactions. In compliance with GMP, GTP and GLP standards. No ethical concerns associated with FBS.

    • Sourced from certified EU suppliers
      The thrombocytes are collected, processed and verified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

    • Reproducible results
      PAN - Biotech is a professional manufacter of cell culture media products with over 30 years experience. hPLs are produced under the highst quality standards, which guarantee reproducible data.

    • Excellent economical benefit compared to FBS and recombinant growth factors
      hPLs are a rich source of growth factors and bioactive molecules. It is considered that most of the potent mitogenic factors in FBS are derived from activated thrombocytes.

    • Improved proliferation 
      Improved proliferation behavior compared to FBS.

    • Suitable for various cell types

  • Flexible packaging
  • P40-29005: 5ml
  • P40-29020: 20ml
  • P40-29050: 50ml

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