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Proteinase K Solution, 20 mg/ml (1ml)

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IBIAN-Proteinase K Solution, 20 mg / ml

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Proteinase K is a non-specific serine protease with a very high specific activity. It has been used for isolation of mRNA, high molecular weight DNA and inactivation of other enzymatic activities. Proteinase K is active with or without the presence of SDS, EDTA and chaotropic salts.

Proteinase K is a broad-spectrum serine protease for general digestion of proteins in biological samples. The enzyme is free of RNase and DNase activities. The recommended working concentration for Proteinase K is 50 - 100 µg/mL in the majority of applications.

Shipping and storage conditions

Product is shipped at blue ice

Storage at -20°C. Proteinase K Solution is stable at RT for short time (up to 4 days). For long-term storage, we recommend -20 °C.


Proteinase K Solution can be used for nucleic acid purification 

Unit definition

One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that liberates Folin-positive amino acids and peptides, corresponding to 1 pmole tyrosine under assay conditions in 1 minute using haemoglobin as substrate



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